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About Us

Hello from B&F Repairs! We are a full service repair shop located in Greensboro, NC. We service band and orchestra instruments for schools, colleges, and individuals in the central and western areas of the state. Our backgrounds living and working in Asheville, Mars Hill, Greensboro, and Winston Salem have allowed us to develop relationships with those communities and help contribute to the growth of music in and around those areas.

As a full service repair shop, we can do almost any job in house: we have a 90 gallon sonic cleaner that fits even tubas and sousaphones; we use a full non-hazardous chemical pallette by Tesch chemicals; we can treat cases that have suffered mold or bug damage; we can perform major repad and overhaul services; we can spot lacquer or spot plate to restore isolated finish wear; we have seven separate work stations to allow multi-tasking and improve turnaround time. We keep an inventory of standard parts and a full complement of supplies on hand so that we can repair most instruments without waiting on a shipment from a supplier. If we do have to send your instrument out or wait on a parts order, we keep you informed so that you can make the best decision about your repair process.

We carry a full array of parts, but in general we have very little merchandise. As a result we have minimal overhead costs to maintain, so we can charge less than repair shops in retail locations - on average, our prices are 15% lower than other shops in the area!

A private shop also has more flexibility of scheduling than shops in a retail locations. This flexibility allows us to schedule repairs by appointment, both in-shop and on-site. That means that if you are too busy or too far away to make it to our shop, we can bring our services to you. We can pick up and deliver instruments to your home or school, and even correct minor issues on-site; all of this keeps the time without your instrument to the absolute minimum.

We both have graduate degrees in music performance (check out our bios!), so we appreciate the need for always having your instrument in hand. This background allows us to repair and test instruments from both a musician and technician’s perspective. We have the repair apprenticeship and continued technical training to develop the manual dexterity for repair, but the end result is informed as much by the way the instrument plays and feels to a musician as by how accurately the technical specifications are met. We maintain performance schedules and also increase our technical training using resources like NAPBIRT, manufacturers, schools, and other repair shops.


"You guys did a great job with my sons trombone. He was like wow what did they do. Thank you for the last minute repair so he can still play the next day."

We are here to repair your instrument, but we also value teaching and promoting regular instrument maintenance. Clean instruments work better, last longer, keep players healthier, and are more fun to play. A beginner who quits band because they don’t feel like they’re good enough misses out on a lifetime of musical experience and all of its attendant benefits. All of this may happen because their instrument is holding them back.

If beginning players have working instruments, they will have fun playing in class, gain self confidence, and develop a lifelong hobby or even a career in the arts. Beginners whose instruments are functioning poorly feel poorly about their playing, suffer a decrease in self confidence, and miss out on the opportunities that come with a life in music.

If you are looking for quality repair work done quickly and at competitive prices, contact B&F Repairs by phone, email, in person, or set up an appointment on our Get in Touch page. We will set up a time to meet with you and figure out what we can do for you!

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