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We are a full service repair shop, set up to do regular maintenance, quick fixes, serious damage, or major services like repads or overhauls. We are set up with a sonic cleaner, full eco-safe and non-hazardous chemical palette, and a stock of standard parts and supplies to minimize turnaround time.

Click through to see some of our service descriptions and general pricing guidelines.

New instruments can be cost-prohibitive or of untested quality. A freshly repaired used instrument will often get you a more established brand with a long-standing reputation for reliability and longevity at a more accessible price. Check out our pre-owned beginner instruments with payment plan options here.

Looking for something else? We do targeted buying and selling for step up and professional instruments. Let us know your instrument, brand/model preferences, budget, and any other guidelines, and we will find and fix the right instrument for you!

We think that everybody should understand how their instrument works, be able to name its parts, and perform basic care and maintenance functions. We are always available to help beginners or experienced players answer any questions.

Set up an individual or group appointment to come to our space, or get in touch so that we can come to you! 

Click through to see some handouts and care/maintenance resources.

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