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Economic Upgrade Instruments

When it is time for an upgraded instrument, or time to move to a harmony instrument, B&F Repairs can help with that too! 

Why buy used instead of new?
New instruments from reliable brands are expensive, and many pre-owned instruments have just as much life in them if they are repaired and maintained appropriately. Our pre-owned instruments are repaired and ready to go, as reliable as a new instrument at a more approachable price.

Why buy from B&F?
When you buy an instrument from a repair shop instead of a retail store or online retailer, you know it has been in technician hands, set up appropriately, and is ready to play straight out of the case. 


Prices vary by instrument as follows:

Alto Saxophone: $550

Tenor Saxophone: $800

Horn: $800

Specific requests for brand, features, or an expedited timeline may increase the cost and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.


Payment Options
We offer upgrade instruments with two payment options:
Option 1: Payment in full
   Payment in full requires payment of the full amount prior to delivery/pickup of the instrument. When you pay in full, you also receive a 25% discount on a full cleaning from B&F, redeemable 6-12 months after date of delivery/pickup.
Option 2: Payment in installments
   Payment in installments requires a down payment prior to delivery/pickup of the instrument, with the balance to be paid in three to four additional payments billed monthly starting 30 days after date of delivery/pickup. This option also includes a free checkup/minimum service following completion of the final payment. Paying in installments offers a low-risk return option, where you may return the instrument at any time prior to the final payment without liability for any payments that have not yet been billed. If you return the instrument in the first 30 days, you are eligible for a pro-rated refund of your initial payment. (Both of these return options are contingent on the instrument being returned in good condition as judged by our technicians.)

Check back as we update this page with more detailed information about our offerings!

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