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Woodwind Packages

Minor adjustments, full cleanings, repads, cosmetic work, and more


Check ups, full cleaning, precise calibration of slides and valves, etc.

aLA Carte Services

When a full package isn't necessary, these repairs can be done separately

Orchestral Strings

String changes, new components, structural repairs, bow rehairs

Shop Labor Rates

Some tasks are too variable to be charged at a consistent price, and we bill those by time instead. Some examples of this include dent repair, onsite work, cosmetic (non-functional) work, and miscellaneous/exploratory repairs. For each of these, we set a stopwatch and charge by the minute; we never round to the nearest hour, so you are never paying for time we don't use.

Dent removal: $60/hour, $10 minimum

Onsite repairs: $50/hour/tech, $40 minimum

Miscellaneous/Exploratory: $50/hour, $20 minimum

Cosmetic work: $25/hour, $20 minimum


Soldering (sounds like "soddering," the "L" is silent) uses heat to conduct a thin wire of metal, softened to a liquid state, between two metal components (usually brass) to adhere them together.


Sold​ering is one of the primary structural repairs that happen to brass instruments. Brass instruments have a number of solder joints holding tubes, braces, and other components together. Some are designed to fail to minimize damage when an instrument is dropped, some are defective from the manufacturer, others have been stressed from years of use. Other times soldering is necessary when installing a new component like upgraded bracing or leadpipe. 

Single solder: $20

Multiple solder: $45

Silver solder: $35

Leadpipe mounting (trumpet): $75

Leadpipe mounting (horn): $115

Polishing and Finish Repair

Our normal cleaning packages include a wipe-down cleaning of those elements that can't go through the sonic cleaner, but if you want your instrument to really sparkle, we can add a polish service to your cleaning. 

We can also take care of some small blemishes to your finish with removing buildup, spot plating, and spot lacquering. We are not equipped to do full relacquers or replating, but can send your instrument to a company who is or help you find another option to get your instrument looking its best.

Small Polish: $45

Medium Polish: $65

Large Polish: $85

Spot Lacquer: $20

Spot Plating: $35

Adhesive removal: $1/minute

Superglue removal: $2/minute, $20 minimum

Woodwind Ala Carte

When a single pad or cork wears out but your instrument isn't due for a full service, we can bill these elements individually. (A reminder that our minimum charge for each instrument is $20.)

Tenon Cork: $20

Strung Tenon: $35

Neck Cork: $25

Headjoint Cork: $20

Key Cork: $2

Specialty Key Cork: $7

Single Pad: $9

Single Spring: $7

Reinstall Post: $20

Bent Key: $25

Case Repair

Cases need to be working their best to protect your instrument. If the hinges or latches are faulty, the case could fall open unexpectedly. A case without a comfortable handle or a heavy case without working wheels can be difficult to carry. If the lining of your case is torn, the padding material can degrade and may even end up inside your instrument. Sometimes the structure of hard sided cases can start to fatigue, and we may be able to reinforce it.

Hinge/latch/handle installation: $25/case 

Wheel installation: $40/case

Case repair (interior): $15

Case repair (structural): $25

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