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Woodwind Packages

Minor adjustments, full cleanings, repads, cosmetic work, and more


Check ups, full cleaning, precise calibration of slides and valves, etc.

aLA Carte Services

When a full package isn't necessary, these repairs can be done separately

Orchestral Strings

String changes, new components, structural repairs, bow rehairs

Play Condition

A play condition (PC) service is the basic check-up service for an instrument that needs routine maintenance or has been in storage for up to a year. The intention is that the instrument will play as intended at the end of this service, and we may make recommendations for a more thorough repair in the future. It includes the following:

Restore basic function; adjust bridge/post; lubricate nut, bridge, pegs; light clean/polish; vacuum case. You can also combine the PC with installation of a new string set.

Violin/Viola: $40

w/ String Change: $55

Cello: $55

w/ String Change: $65

Bass: $75

w/ String Change: $110

New Components

Orchestral strings are unique among the instruments we work on in that their components are not interchangeable, even when considering the same make and model. The bridge, fingerboard, pegs, soundpost, etc. are all custom-shaped to the contour of the wood on their specific instrument. As a result, there is a lot more labor involved in replacing a bridge or soundpost than there is in replacing, for example, a trumpet finger button.

New Bridge

Violin/Viola: $85

Cello: $110

Bass: $140

New Pegs (single/set)

Vn/Va: $20/$70

Cello: $30/$100

Bass: $55/$200

New Soundpost

Violin/Viola: $50

Cello: $75

Bass: $120

Adjusting Components

Sometimes those custom-fit components just need to be refit or adjusted, rather than replaced entirely. Re-contouring the top of a bridge, resetting or adjusting the placement of your soundpost, or redrilling your pegs so the strings hold their tension better can all improve the playability and responsiveness of your instrument.

Adjust Bridge

Violin/Viola: $35

Cello: $50

Bass: $70

Refit/lubricate Pegs

Violin/Viola: $30

Cello: $40

Reset/Adjust Soundpost

Violin/Viola: $20

Cello: $20

Bass: $20

Structural Repairs

Accidents happen, manufacturing defects happen, extreme temperature and humidity happen; we have the expertise to choose the adhesives and tools most appropriate to getting your instrument back into one piece. 

Scroll Break

Violin/Viola: $55

Cello: $95

Bass: $170

Plate Crack

Violin/Viola: $60

Cello: $95

Open Seam

Violin/Viola: $20

Cello: $35

Bass: $45

Reinstall Fingerboard

Violin/Viola: $75

Cello: $100

Neck Break

Violin/Viola: $120

Cello: $140

Bass: $200

Bass: $150

Bass: $120

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